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Aspira is a drone technology company that is all about using its patented technology and unique CAA approval to fly in close proximity to buildings and spray them with our different coatings. Over half of our coatings aid our focus on helping the Green Agenda and helping other companies reach their Green Agenda targets.

Our refined technology and anti-collision software allows us to coat and maintain tall buildings and structures whilst reducing cost, mitigating risk and saving time of more traditional methods.

About Aspira:

Aspira's mission

Aspiras Mission

Aspira is in an incredibly exciting time for the company and we are looking forward to our next challenge and bringing Aspira up to where we want to be

Unique regulatory approval

Unique Regulatory Approval

Due to nature of our company and our patented drone technology the CAA have given us a unique licence that allows us to fly our drones in close proximity to buildings and structures.

Our history

Our History

Although Aspira is still only starting up we have come a long way from where we first started off and we believe it is important to remember where we started and how far we come.

our technology

Our Technology

Aspiras patented technology is constantly being developed and now allows us to fly in close enough proximity to buildings and structures that we can spray them with our coatings.

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Aspira’s Missions

Change and Innovation

Aspira is an innovative technology company pushing the boundaries for the intelligent use of drones and coatings. We have built bespoke technology delivering unique method to help companies with access issues in a safe, innovative and effective manner.


Safety when working at height is a key challenge for many maintenance jobs. Working at height is high risk, and maintenance is often neglected as access is limited. By using a drone these safety risks are significantly reduced.

Aspira has unique permissions approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and is an industry leader in HSE best practice.

Cost and Efficiency

Our unique drone technology in delivering spray applications is quicker, more cost effective and reduces downtime compared to more traditional methods. Our intelligent coatings can also help reduce building maintenance and improve energy consumption.

Green Agenda

Organisations need to act decisively and swiftly to meet their green agenda obligations, it is both a moral and legal requirement on us all. Our technology and coatings can directly tackle air pollution, support carbon reduction and increase material lifespan – significantly improving our environment.


Our technology minimises environmental damage, improves energy generated from renewable sources, reduces the heat loss of buildings and extends material lifespan. Our mission of Drones and Coatings for Good will positively contribute towards our clients sustainability agenda.

Although Aspira is still young, due to the R&D nature of the company we have a vast history and have come very far from where we first started out and are still continually developing daily.

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Our History

Brief summary of Aspiras history

Aspira was incorporated in November 2015 with initial funding provided by a number of seed investors with the aim of  developing and building a drone capable of maintaining level flight at a set distance close to buildings and delivering coatings through spray equipment controlled from the ground. A prototype based on a proprietary made drone was developed and tested and was granted CAA approval for flight close to buildings and structures in April 2017.

Aspira started to experiment with using the drone to spray structures at height and quickly identified that it provided a number of advantages over traditional methods such a scaffolding.  Furthermore, in response to interest from organisations in the marine, heritage, domestic property and facilities management sectors along with manufacturers of specialist coatings, the business broadened its focus to investigate applications beyond its area of initial focus – the treatment of algae on pre-finished building facia.

Timeline of Key Milestones in Our History

September 2017 – Aspira successfully completed its first commercial project for Northwards Housing Association at Rushcroft Court, a nine-story housing block in Blackley, Manchester, spraying a badly algae stained north facing wall 23 meters in height, a total area of circa 300 square metres with their de-greener product.

June 2019 – Significant fundraise completed with new shareholders with aim to build IP and develop new Aspiracopter, the AC 2

August 2019 – Extended their technical team and moved all technical IP in-house

September 2019 – All successful test flights of AC 2 completed and signed off by the CAA for commercial use.

January 2020 – Aspira invited to Join the UK Steering Group of the Aerial Uptake project, a cross-European initiative aiming to spark a major increase in the use of drone technology to help foster economic growth and societal benefit.

July 2020 – Completed a number of indoor test flights to spray disinfectant products in arena environments.

November 2020 – Successful in winning a £100,000 Innovate UK Grant to enhanced flight and surface tracking technology on the AC 3 to facilitate pollution reduction in urban areas

May 2021 – In 2021 – completed a further shareholder fundraise

June 2021 – Successfully completed application of a Nano Titanium coating with ability to reduce NOx and Sox from atmosphere in challenging urban environment

July 2021 – Spray trail of de-greener at Met office

November 2021 – Extended the technical team to take new models of our Aspiracopter through to Technology Readiness level 9

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Our Technology

The Aspiracopter

Our technology uses a unique combination of UAV hardware components, an on-board computer and bespoke software, Aspira has successfully developed the capability to safely fly close to tall structures to spray liquids to facia.

Aspira’s Bespoke Flight and Surface Tracking Technology:
  • Intelligent sensors for maintaining precise distance and angle to surface, minimising overspray and ensuring precise, stable application.  This increases the speed and safety of application whilst reducing unnecessary run off of coatings. 
  • Proprietary control algorithm for handling complicated dynamics of the operating environment when spraying from a drone.
  • Option for GPS denied flight for indoor or covered environments where traditional drones cannot operate.
  • No need for magnetic compass, which reduces interference (traditional drones would be unable to operate near these structures) and allows operation near to a wide array of structures utilising other sensors to ensure safe, stable flight.
  • Multi-layered 360 degree collision avoidance using multiple sensors for safe operation at all times. 

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Unique Regulatory Approval

Aspira has worked closely with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in order to gain unique regulatory approval and has provided approved training organisations to ensure we fly with all the appropriate permissions and certifications

Aspira develops and operates bespoke unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), popularly known as drones.  As with any aircraft, unmanned aircrafts must be flown in a safe manner at all times – both with respect to aircraft in the air and people/properties on the ground.

As with any company operating drones on a commercial basis, Aspira has been granted the standard CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This ensures that Aspira:

  • Has CAA approved and qualified pilots to fly our vehicles
  • Understands aviation theory and the regulations surrounding flight
  • Has robust operating and safety procedures to manage flight operations

In addition to standard CAA Permission, Aspira has been granted an additional regulatory approval certification by the CAA permissions and exemptions scheme.  This enables Aspira to operate in built up areas and beyond the normal bounds of the regulations laid down within the Air Navigation Order (ANO).

civil aviation authority

With this additional certification, Aspira can operate in very close proximity to buildings and structures within congested areas. This has involved the production of a detailed Operating Safety Case (OSC) and amendments to the standard operating procedures to ensure the CAA is satisfied that flight in these exceptional circumstances can be achieved in a safe and controlled manner.

We believe this particular exception to be unique to Aspira

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About Us

Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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