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Drones and Coatings for Good


Change and Innovation

Aspira is an innovative technology company pushing the boundaries for the intelligent use of drones and coatings. We have built bespoke technology delivering unique method to help companies with access issues in a safe, innovative and effective manner.


Safety when working at height is a key challenge for many maintenance jobs. Working at height is high risk, and maintenance is often neglected as access is limited. By using a drone these safety risks are significantly reduced.

Aspira has unique permissions approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and is an industry leader in HSE best practice.

Cost and Efficiency

Our unique drone technology in delivering spray applications is quicker, more cost effective and reduces downtime compared to more traditional methods. Our intelligent coatings can also help reduce building maintenance and improve energy consumption.

Green Agenda

Organisations need to act decisively and swiftly to meet their green agenda obligations, it is both a moral and legal requirement on us all. Our technology and coatings can directly tackle air pollution, support carbon reduction and increase material lifespan – significantly improving our environment.


Our technology minimises environmental damage, improves energy generated from renewable sources, reduces the heat loss of buildings and extends material lifespan. Our mission of Drones and Coatings for Good will positively contribute towards our clients sustainability agenda.

About Us

Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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