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Our technology uses a unique combination of UAV hardware components, an on-board computer and bespoke software, Aspira has successfully developed the capability to safely fly close to tall structures to spray liquids to facia.

Aspira’s Bespoke Flight and Surface Tracking Technology:
  • Intelligent sensors for maintaining precise distance and angle to surface, minimising overspray and ensuring precise, stable application.  This increases the speed and safety of application whilst reducing unnecessary run off of coatings. 
  • Proprietary control algorithm for handling complicated dynamics of the operating environment when spraying from a drone.
  • Option for GPS denied flight for indoor or covered environments where traditional drones cannot operate.
  • No need for magnetic compass, which reduces interference (traditional drones would be unable to operate near these structures) and allows operation near to a wide array of structures utilising other sensors to ensure safe, stable flight.
  • Multi-layered 360 degree collision avoidance using multiple sensors for safe operation at all times. 

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Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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