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History is the Best Guide to the Future

Although Aspira is still young, due to the R&D nature of the company we have a vast history and have come very far from where we first started out and are still continually developing daily.

Brief summary of Aspiras history

Aspira was incorporated in November 2015 with initial funding provided by a number of seed investors with the aim of  developing and building a drone capable of maintaining level flight at a set distance close to buildings and delivering coatings through spray equipment controlled from the ground. A prototype based on a proprietary made drone was developed and tested and was granted CAA approval for flight close to buildings and structures in April 2017.

Aspira started to experiment with using the drone to spray structures at height and quickly identified that it provided a number of advantages over traditional methods such a scaffolding.  Furthermore, in response to interest from organisations in the marine, heritage, domestic property and facilities management sectors along with manufacturers of specialist coatings, the business broadened its focus to investigate applications beyond its area of initial focus – the treatment of algae on pre-finished building facia.

Timeline of Key Milestones in Our History

September 2017 – Aspira successfully completed its first commercial project for Northwards Housing Association at Rushcroft Court, a nine-story housing block in Blackley, Manchester, spraying a badly algae stained north facing wall 23 meters in height, a total area of circa 300 square metres with their de-greener product.

June 2019 – Significant fundraise completed with new shareholders with aim to build IP and develop new Aspiracopter, the AC 2

August 2019 – Extended their technical team and moved all technical IP in-house

September 2019 – All successful test flights of AC 2 completed and signed off by the CAA for commercial use.

January 2020 – Aspira invited to Join the UK Steering Group of the Aerial Uptake project, a cross-European initiative aiming to spark a major increase in the use of drone technology to help foster economic growth and societal benefit.

July 2020 – Completed a number of indoor test flights to spray disinfectant products in arena environments.

November 2020 – Successful in winning a £100,000 Innovate UK Grant to enhanced flight and surface tracking technology on the AC 3 to facilitate pollution reduction in urban areas

May 2021 – In 2021 – completed a further shareholder fundraise

June 2021 – Successfully completed application of a Nano Titanium coating with ability to reduce NOx and Sox from atmosphere in challenging urban environment

July 2021 – Spray trail of de-greener at Met office

November 2021 – Extended the technical team to take new models of our Aspiracopter through to Technology Readiness level 9

The history of the aspiracopter

Original CAD images from the AC2

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Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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