Met Office Pilot

by | Sep 18, 2021

In July 2021 Aspira had the amazing opportunity of trialling one our coatings, the algaecide de-greener, on one of the walls at the Met office. The Met Office is one of the world leaders in weather and climate. The test spray area was 125Sqm with a few obstacles. As demonstrated in the photos below the algaecide coating has significantly cleaned up the area of wall it was applied to.

met office

Pre treatment

As you can see, prior to the treatment of the walls, there is significant degradation to the surface. When sprayed with the recommended dosage of treatment the algaecide was non harmful to existing wildlife/birds. This is important to point out as there was a birds nest at the top of the wall that could be left uninterrupted during the spray without causing harm.

met office post treatment

Post treatment

When the area that had been treated was checked on a month later Aspira found that there had been significant improvements even on the most stained surfaces. The algaecide solution sprayed was incredibly mild so as to not damage surrounding wildlife. As the winter and damp increases further improvement is anticipated. Over approximately the next 2 years the protection is anticipated to continue working. 

Met Office Trial Photos

Before Treatment

15th July 2021


After Treatment

17th August 2021

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