Latest updates!

by | Jun 8, 2022

As usual it has been very busy at Aspira so here are some of our latest updates.

Update 1

Last month we exhibited at the facilities show in London for the first time. It was an incredible experience, and it was great to see such a large interest in the company. It was very reassuring for us to see so many people intrigued in our product and to hear such positive conversations around what it is we do. Since the show we have been busy following up with everyone we spoke to and had some very positive responses and we are looking forward to taking these even further over the coming weeks and months.

Check out our LinkedIn for more information about the show!

Update 2

Whilst some of us were in London, Harry went for GVC test and passed with flying colours. The GVC license grants him operational authorisation from the CAA to fly drones up to 25 kg in built-up areas safely and legally. This is great news for Harry on personal and a professional level as he can now test out his own adjustments on the drone. It is also significant for the company as we now have an extra pilot on board and Harry can lead regular practice flights and demonstrations to help aid in the development of the project.

Find out more about our CAA License

Update 3

Lastly, we are ready to introduce a new addition to the team, our Meccano Drone. The whole concept of this is so that during the development stages of the project the engineers can easily swap different bits of hardware out and try new technology without causing any damage. Its smaller size and lighter weight also make it much easier for them to take it out and test fly it regularly helping them squash any problems much earlier. This new drone is an integral part to the development of our project, and we look forward to making big strides now it has arrived.

Aspira Aerial Applications Ltd is a leading technology company developing new, safer ways of surveying, maintaining and treating tall buildings and structures with a range of specialist coatings by using a bespoke Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Their primary aim is to support the green agenda by applying coatings that actively clean buildings and reduce air pollution and particulate matter, as well as to mitigate the risks of working at height.

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