Could drones be the future?

by | Aug 24, 2022

Pwc have recently released a very captivating article ‘Skies without limits’. Within this article there were many very encouraging stats regarding the advancement of the drone industry over the next 8 years.

During the article Pwc highlight a multitude of uses for the UKs developing drone technology – from surveillance to delivery to search and rescue to BVLOS. The current rate of expansion of the drone industry is very exciting and very promising for Aspira. Pwc estimate that by 2030 (8 years from now) that there could be more than 900,000 drones operating in the UKs skies and that the industry could contribute up to £45bn to the UK economy.

As you may be aware drones can be used to save time and money when used, in the case of Aspira, for coating buildings. Not only does it save money on maintenance, but the technology from one of coatings can also be used to reduce the heat loss form a building and in turn save money on your energy bills – Pwc have estimated that the adoption of drones could save British companies around £22bn in net cost savings by 2030. Not only could the use of drones decrease energy bills but this in turn reduces carbon emissions due to the reduction in energy usage. Not only that but the use of a drone for jobs such as delivery and maintenance working from height rather than more traditional methods is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly as they produce a significantly less amount of carbon emissions – in fact Pwc predict that drones could help to reduce carbon emissions by roughly 2.4m tons by 2030.

As a UK based drone company, it is fascinating to see what other developments are going on around us. As drones are starting to be used for jobs other than just surveillance, it is still a very new concept and it is important that we all support each other going forward to make sure that we make it known that the use of drones are safe, efficient, and accepted across all sectors.

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Aspira Aerial Applications Ltd is a leading technology company developing new, safer ways of surveying, maintaining and treating tall buildings and structures with a range of specialist coatings by using a bespoke Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Their primary aim is to support the green agenda by applying coatings that actively clean buildings and reduce air pollution and particulate matter, as well as to mitigate the risks of working at height.

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