About Aspira

Aspira is innovating to deliver drones and coatings for good – creating groundbreaking technologies that save costs, reduce risk, improve accessibility and safeguard the environment.

Do you want to make the most of our exciting new technology?

Drones & Coatings for Good

Our innovative Aspiracopter combines anti-collision and surface tracking software to deliver safe, stable flight within 2 meters of buildings and structures to apply specialist coatings with ease. Our spray systems quickly and effectively apply our portfolio of coatings to surfaces and facia following methods validated by the Civil Aviation Authority. We believe we have unprecedented CAA sign-off and unparallel access to coatings for industry – ensuring Aspira is your perfect partner for innovation.

In short, our proprietary system is here to save you time, reduce your risk, help you realise cost-efficiencies and deliver against your sustainability goals

What our customers say about us

Weatherproofing my barn has visibly improved the protection against the elements, rain running off where it previously soaked in to the brickwork which must help reduce heat loss. Application by the drone was quick, stable and effective where otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to easily gain access. 

– Private client, Manchester

The results speak for themselves, just look at our degreener case study or the work we have done to improve wind turbine efficacy with ORE Catapult.  We are quicker, cost effective and more sensitive than any traditional method 

– Jonathan Fenning, MD, Aspira

Unique Regulatory Approval

Aspira is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to fly drones close to buildings and apply coatings, which we believe to be unprecedented in our industry. Health and safety is incredibly important to Aspira and we take care to comply with all relevant guidelines, permissions and certifications – while helping licensees to do the same through our training, procedures and systems. Overall, this means Aspira is uniquely positioned to deliver the benefits of innovation. 


The Aspiracopter is a bespoke drone system capable of applying functional coatings to surfaces at height with superior control, accuracy and quality. Our drone (or UAV) is a bespoke build, heavy lift octocopter, it has a waterproof system protecting the onboard flight control technology and importantly incorporates an additional safety requirement, whereby the drone is a tethered system.

Our flight control is a unique, intelligent system that maintains distance from the target and controls flight level and stability during spraying operations.

We use a multi-lance spray system which has a unique capability to spray accurately both horizontally and downwards, using both a ground fed and onboard spray systems to ensure complete coverage.

On a Mission

Aspira believes that drones and coatings can improve society in many ways. That is why we are on a mission to deliver change, enabling organisations to work more safely, save time and effort, cut costs and deliver against sustainability targets 

Perhaps most importantly we want others to benefit too, so make it our job to enable progress through our licensing agreement, training services and maintenance support.

Change and Innovation 


Cost and Efficiency


Our Journey

R&D is the lifeblood of Aspira, enabling the groundbreaking drone, operational safety and spraying innovations at the heart of our business. Since 2017, we have invested substantially in our proprietary technology to design and develop a unique drone, specialist spraying system and flight technology – all underpinned by comprehensive operating processes and procedures. We are excited by our innovations and proud to have secured unpresented Civil Aviation Authority approvals.

Key milestones in our history

September 2017

Drone development begins. Beta drone built with successful testing, development of market potential and building operating documents for Civil Aviation Authority sign off. 

June 2019

£375,000 raised from new shareholders with aim to build IP and develop new Aspiracopter, the AC2.

August 2019

Extended their technical team and moved all technical IP in-house.

September 2019

Civil Aviation Authority approves technical developments and operating protocol to allow fo rthe first of its kind permissions to fly a drone within 2m of a building and spray. 

July 2020

Extended coating portfolio, including the spraying of AspiraFresh (disinfectant) in arena environments to help fight COVID-19.

November 2020

£100,000 Innovate UK Grant to enhance flight and surface tracking technology on our drone to facilitate pollution reduction in urban areas. 

July 2021

Completed a further fundraise for £300,00+ to extend internal capabilities and move the drone towards being commercially ready to scale. 

Demonstration of the capabilities of our AspiraClear coating at the Met Office. 

November 2021

Extended the technical team further to take new models of our Aspiracopter through to Technology Readiness level 9. 

February 2022

£500,00 Innovate UK SMART grant – Utilising our bespoke drone technology and coating expertise to clean existing turbines to reduce drag and increase efficiency.

October 2022

Build Facilities Management Award – Most Innovative Building Maintenance Company – NorthWest

November 2022

EDGE Grant – Partnership with ORE catapult to test and prove our technology using real world testing facilities including in front of wind turbines. 

June 2023

Corporate Live Wire – Gloval Award – Building Maintenance Company of the Year 


Unlock Net Zero – Supply Chain Partner of the Year (nomination)