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Aspira’s Applications

Aspira has exclusive rights to apply a number of specialist films and coatings using the Aspiracopter. The aim of these environmental coatings is to allow our urban environments to positively contribute to our day to day lives.

Applications for Today:

Improving Air Quality

Application by drone of a clear Nano Titanium coating that utilises photocatalytic conversion to remove NOxs and SOxs pollutants from the atmosphere and improves the air quality in polluted landscapes in areas that were previously inaccessible.

removal and prevention of algae
Removal and Prevention of Algae

Administration via drone of an environmentally safe biocide coating to remove unsightly algae and discolouration on the surfaces of buildings to improve the fascia and reduce build-up of grime and moisture which in turn extends the lifespan of existing surface coating.

Protecting Brick and Stonework

Application by drone of a water-based fluoropolymer that is clear semi-permeable coating which reduce deterioration and weathering. Reducing building maintenance costs.

reducing building heat loss
Reducing Building Heat Loss

Application by drone of a water-based fluoropolymer that is clear semipermeable coating which improves waterproofing and reduces heat loss of buildings and structures. Reducing heat loss by up to 20%. Improving energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

large scale disinfecting
Large Scale Disinfecting

Application via drone of an antimicrobial disinfectant removing potentially harmful virus/bacteria including coronavirus from large public spaces (incl stadia).

preventing graffiti
Preventing Graffiti

Application via drone of a polyurethane that prevents the defacing of surfaces with paint and improves the ease in which they may be cleaned.

Applications of Tomorrow:

Improving Wind Turbine Efficiency

Application by drone of a desalination coating to wind turbine blades to reduce drag by removing detritus and salt build up on blades. Improving efficiency and power output minimising downtime.

Improve Solar Efficiency

Application of di-ionised water at pressure to remove grime and dust from the surface of solar panels to improve power efficiency.

Enhance Drone Navigation without GPS

Flight control technology that allows drones to fly close to structures without GPS. For example in urban high rise areas.

Reduced Corrosion of Ships and Containers

Treatment by drone of a desalination coating to ships to reduce drag by remove detritus and salt build up on blades. Reducing corrosion and extending component lifespan.

In addition to the above, we regularly review and extend our range of coatings to add new and innovative products. We can also spray your own coatings as requested subject to regulatory approval.

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Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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