Improving Air Quality

Application by drone of a clear Nano Titanium coating that utilises photocatalytic conversion to remove N0x and S0x pollutants from the atmosphere and improves the air quality in polluted landscapes in areas that were previously inaccessible.

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Cost and Efficiency

How does it work?

Our coating to improve air quality is a photoactive ultrafine titanium dioxide (TiO2) colloidal suspension (sol) for application onto surfaces for long-lasting depollution and self-cleaning properties. This coating can be applied directly onto a porous surface in order to render it photocatalytic. It is a transparent, water-based, stable photocatalyst with high activity and neutral pH.

In essence this particular clear Nano Titanium coating is a photocatalyst converter that converts harmful pollutants such as NOx and SOx in the atmosphere into less harmful materials. Therefore when sprayed onto buildings the coating helps to create a cleaner, greener atmosphere.

5000 Sqm of treated surface will offset the annual NOx emissions of 450 Euro 6 diesel cars

Improve Air Quality with Aspira to:

  • Minimise the impact and downtime of operations
  • Converts NOx and Sox for long-lasting protection
  • Safely coat large areas with minimal risk to staff or the public
  • Digitally map coated areas to ensure full coverage

Climate change and pollution is a massive global problem that is increasingly becoming more prominent in society. Requiring innovative drone and coatings technology and methods to tackle a global problem at pace. Aspira’s proven coating and drone application capabilities deliver a safe and efficient pollution busting solution for large areas such as building fascia, public realm and communal spaces.

Application of coating to Improve Air Quality:

In July Bruntwood took the first step in helping Manchester’s pollution levels by allowing Aspira to spray one of their buildings with this coating as part of a trial spray.

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Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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