Preventing Graffiti

Application via drone of a polyurethane coating that prevents the defacing of surfaces with paint (graffiti) and improves the ease in which they may be cleaned.

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How does it work?

Aspiras anti-graffiti coating uses polyurethane to create the ultimate levels of chemical resistance, paint resistance and superb durability. Essentially it acts like a piece of glass so that graffiti can be washed off the surface.

The outstanding solvent resistance means that neither the solvents in the spray paint used for graffiti tagging, nor the strong cleaning agents used to remove it will damage the painted surface. Thus it resists marking in the first place and any paint that adheres can be readily cleaned off. This coating can be applied to a whole variety of substances including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, concreate, plastics and fibreglass.

Not only can the protective coating protect a variety of facia but it can also protect any murals or protected pieces of art around the city from destruction and so they can be preserved as works of art.

Prevent graffiti with Aspira to:

  • Guarantee superb chemical resistance, graffiti resistance and durability
  • Minimise the cost, impact and downtime of operations
  • Protect the original paint work or surface
  • Digitally map cleaned areas to ensure full coverage
  • Protect any surface material using a clear finish

Cleaning graffiti off buildings and structures can be a very long, difficult and expensive process to carry out. Aspiras innovative technology and unique coating allows building owners and maintenance teams to protect their buildings and structures from graffiti and therefore saving money, time and eliminating risk factors.


Railway companies

Aspira has noted that railway companies are issued fines for graffiti however the task of scrubbing graffiti off a wall or bridge is long, expensive and sometimes dangerous. However, by using Aspiras innovative technology and preventing graffiti coating, areas can be covered efficiently, safely and allow any possible future graffiti to just wash straight off saving you time and money dealing with fines.

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