Remove and Prevent Algae

Application via drone of an environmentally safe biocide coating to remove unsightly algae and discolouration on the surfaces of buildings to improve the facia and reduce build-up of grime and moisture which in turn extends the lifespan of existing surface coating.

This application can help you with…

Green Agenda


Cost and Efficiency

Cleaning the fascia of tall buildings and structures is time consuming, difficult and expensive task to complete. Aspira’s innovative technology allows building owners and maintenance teams to keep their buildings and structures clean for less money, less risk and requires less time.

How does is work?

An algicide coating that is powerful at removing and preventing algae, yet sensitive to the environment on which it is sprayed. This coating is effective for up to 2 years after drying.

Most approaches to removing algae from buildings aim to kill the organism but Aspira’s system, addresses the root of the cause by effectively destroying and disrupting the biofilm as well as killing the succession growth meaning that cleaning lasts longer.

Our Algae Removal and Prevention Coating Cleans and Kills the organism at the Source without causing Harm to People or Wildlife around it

Prevent and remove algae with Aspira to:

  • Guarentee removal of algae and stains on buildings fascia’s
  • Minimise the impact and downtime of operations
  • Protect from re-contamination for long-lasting protection
  • Safely clean large areas with no risk to staff, the public and to wildlife
  • Digitally map cleaned areas to ensure full coverage
  • Clean buildings for up to 2 years after application
Algae Removal Demonstration:

As part of a demonstration flight Aspira had the opportunity to test this coating out at the Met Office. The photos below show the team during the spray and the before and after pictures of the walls coated. We only sprayed the middle section of the wall to allow us to compare the effect of the coating.



straight after

Straight After

7 months later

7 Months Later

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Aspira revolutionises the treatment of tall buildings. Using a unique combination of specialist films, coatings and drone technology, we survey, clean and protect surfaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

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