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Coating Application

Aspira offers an array of coatings that can be applied using our two spraying methods. Most typically, our ground-fed, pressure system sprays vertical walls, facia and surfaces using a lance mounted on the Aspiracopter. Where required, a tank system on the Aspiracopter quickly coats large areas and horizontal surfaces to provide widespread coverage.

Why use our drone?

The truly innovative and unique Aspiracopter and spray system overcomes an array of accessibility, cost and safety issues associated with traditional methods – delivering quantifiable benefits across the board. Our technology can also dramatically reduce project timescales and treat areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Above all else, we help organisations to address sustainability challenges with coatings that combat climate change, delivering against the prediction that drones will reduce carbon emissions by 2.4 tons by 2030 when compared to more traditional methods.

The Aspiracopter also overcomes the limitations of other drones by safely flying close to structures, unhindered by the inaccuracy of GPS in confined environments.


Cost Effective

Using the Aspiracopter to coat façades and buildings significantly cuts costs and minimises disruption in comparison to traditional methods. Less equipment, manpower and time is required on site and our coatings can improve material lifespans to extend cleaning and maintenance cycles, further reducing costs.


The Aspiracopter is much faster than traditional methods, with set-up in half an hour and spray application covering large surface areas in record time.


Safely working at height is one of the biggest challenges in maintenance and can result in buildings and facades being neglected to mitigate risk.  The Aspiracopter eliminates this risk and provides significantly improved, safe access to hard to reach areas and structures – safeguarding your teams in the process.


Aspira is innovating for the benefit of business and society, pushing the boundaries of drones and coatings for good. By investing in proprietary technology we are able to deliver new possibilities in cost-effective, safe and accessible solutions for building owners and operators

Frequently Asked Questions

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Drone License

Aspira technology and intellectual property is available to licence, encompassing everything needed to work on-site. Licenses encompass pilot and team training, access to coatings, maintenance, software and Aspiracopter upgrades (extending lifespans and reducing technological redundancy). We also provide the know-how and expertise to secure your Civil Aviation Authority approvals.

Custom Built Drones

The team behind the design and development of revolutionary Aspiracopters is able to build custom drones to meet your needs; overcoming the limitations of off-the-shelf drones including waterproofing, load bearing and heavy lifting.

As a paint manufacturer we are always looking for innovative ways to use our products.  The Aspiracopter is game changing and applied a degreener to the side of our building in minutes. 

– Large Paint Manufacturer, Manchester